Important Safety Tips Hiking Southern California Mountains

Most important is not to take your day hike for granted. There are a few key tips to make your outing a healthy and fun day outdoors. As you take in the beauty and splendor of nature please watch the trail for loose rocks, twigs and overgrown roots for these little mis-steps and oversights have left a many scrapped knee. If you are hiking after a storm it is important to be extremely cautious along the edges of the trail. The rain may have compromised the terrain and could potentially give way. Use your common sense.

Another common danger especially in the summer months are poisonous snakes. Dont let them keep you away just be cautious. Never step over a boulder without seeing what is on the other side. Be wary of your trail because they sometimes like to bask in the summer sun. Most likely they will feel your foot vibrations and slither away. Every snake i have ever encountered was headed in the other direction.Okay you photo gurus and selfie fanatics, please be wary of your environment. Dont be over confident. Respect mother earth and the gravity pull that comes with falling over the edge. Last summer a man in our local mountains was killed while taking a selfie.

Use these important tips and enjoy your day and Don’t forget to take plenty of water.

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