Big Sur California

4th of July weekend 2016 at Big Sur was an awesome treat.  Born and raised in Southern California this was my first visit to the region.  Beautiful coastal views but I was not prepared for the quantity of people on the highway and on the trails.  The hikes were not as crowded as the Hollywood hike but still very crowded.  The beach access is very limited and we only found two routes down.  One route took us to sandy beaches where we sat with the pups and people watched.  The other route was a very nice hike down an easy path but no beach access.  Still worth the stop.  The trail took us down to an overlook near the end of low cliffs that brought us near enough to capture awesome pictures of the waves crashing against the rocks with deep blue water.  The hike was very pleasant short scenic hike over a small bridge and through a tunnel opening up to rock formations and crashing clear blue waters.  On a scale of one to five this trip was 3-1/2.

Completely off topic but interesting were the sheer number of mustang convertibles on the road tht weekend.  It seemed that around every corner and parking lot we came to there was another mustang convertible.  Over three days we counted at least two hundred mustangs in every imaginable color.

Update:  A few months after our visit the area was ravaged by wild fires.  Then the rains came in early 2017 that contributed to two major landslides that has now isolated part of the area.  The landslides engulfed the state Route 1 on Saturday, May 2017 another major landslide came down onto the Pacific Coast Trail.  The landslide covered the road, also known as State Route 1, in a 35-40 feet deep layer of dirt for about 1,500 feet. The highway is the main artery running through Big Sur, a picturesque stretch that is a major tourist attraction.


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