Hike from Griffith Observatory to Hollywood Sign


Meet up with LA Trail Hikers for this hike.  A great bunch of people.  The pace of the group is moderate.  The total hike ended up to be about a 7 mile round trip hike.  If you like solitare hikes and becoming one with nature this is NOT the hike for you.  It is a WELL traveled hike and there are many, many people on the trail.  On the positive side if you get lost you can ask for directions.  I now can say I’ve hiked to the Hollywood Sign.  I would recommend this hike.

Trail head was found at upper parking lot opposite of the observatory.  No hard to find.  There are restrooms available near by.






Hiking So Cal Trails

imageMonrovia Canyon Falls begins our 2016 quest to be fit and stronger.  Turned 50 last month and its time to start a new chapter of fitness.  A word of advice check the site to make sure the park is open.  We went on new years day and the park was closed.   Don’t try hiking during the holidays due to park closure.  No restrooms or parking is available.   Another good piece of advice is to not drink a large thermos of coffee before a hike.

Monrovia Canyon Falls Trail is about 3.4 miles.  Depending on your pace will take 2 to 2.5 hours.  Elevation gain is 750 feet.  This hike is rated as moderate trek.  Some parts of the trail are narrow so caution is needed.


Twin Lakes, Mammoth – Memorial Day Weekend 2014

First Trip with the Kayaks to Twin Lakes, Mammoth.  It was a pretty cold weekend for California.  The Pop out tent worked out perfectly with the rain and snow that came to visit.  We were able to hang out outside and not get wet.  Stayed in site #11.  A little too close to the restrooms and the table and fire ring was on the wrong side.

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R-pod Adventures Maiden Voyage

R-pod Adventures in our 2014 R-Pod model 178.  Places we’ve been, people we’ve meet while camping in our R-Pod.  Our first outing was over 2014 IMG_0239

Maiden Voyage Sunday, December 28, 2014

Carpinteria state beach 2 nights space RO 93

First trip out with the R-pod was the end of December 2014.  Went to Carpinteria for a couple days and left there with a good feel of how to improve storage functions.


Trip #2

January 30, 2015 Carpinteria state beach space CO 28 from the map on reserveamerica.com this site looked like it was right on the beach but it had large bushes and the other downside it was very close to the site next to us but the positive it was really close to the walkway entrance to beach beach front.

At this point we purchased plastic storage bins for under storage compartments.  A long wheeled under the bed type storage works very well in the back compartment.  We stored all our outdoor kitchen supplies in that compartment.  In the front compartment is the shade stored deep along front and all the towing apparatus is easily accessible in the front.

Tom made the inside storage under the dinette seat more functional by cutting the board in half so not all the cushions need to be removed to retrieve or store items.  Much better.  We put extra blankets, shoes  and toilet paper in that compartment.


Trip #3 Carpinteria State Beach March 6, 2015

Site number R104 total miles round-trip 176. Total miles to date 528 miles.

Tom was really looking forward to this trip and do some more shore fishing. Arranged to see Debbie Thomas Saturday night she came right around 4 o’clock in the afternoon and we sat around camp and chatted for awhile, went for a walk then desided to go into town for dinner.  We went to Froggers and mexican restaurant.  They had awesome margaritas..   Unfortunately the restaurant was very warm and I left there with a headache and did not have any headache medicine without medicine we all know what happened it was not a pretty scene for Tom.

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